Core team

Dziugas Gudiskis (In)
  • 10 years building IT products
  • Bachelor in Business and Marketing
Rytis Maskeliunas, Ph.D (In)
  • 15 years in Computer Science
  • Professor at Kaunas University of Technology
  • Professor at Silesian University of Technology
  • Expert at Horizon Europe
  • Author of early Alzheimer prediction software
  • 290 scientific publications released
Marius Zaveckas (In)
  • Master's degree in physiotherapy
  • 5 years' work experience as physiotherapist
Marketing Manager
Mariam Kasradze (In)
  • Bachelor and Master’s degrees in business management


Advisor Vilma Khmaladze (In)
  • 12 years in C-level
  • Successful exits record
  • Master's degree from Harvard
Advisor Itay Alon (In)
  • Founder of SAL INC® marketing agency
  • Raised $20M+ for projects in 1 year
Advisor & Angel Investor Tomas Martunas (In)
  • Managing partner at ZenCapital
  • Founding Partner W3Guild
  • Cofounder Mars4.me
  • Entrepreneur and Web3 investor
Advisor Fake Jonny (Twitter)
  • Founder of FakeAlphaDAO
  • Expert in Solana and Polygon NFT projects
Advisor Get Low (Twitter)
  • Expert in Solana and Polygon NFT projects
  • Member of Enigma Ventures
NFT Designer DEMO (Twitter)
  • Guy drawing dope stuff
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