Gen Z NFTs

Collection of SitYEA Gen Z NFTs
SitYEA's Gen Z NFT collection is a new approach to dynamically generating rewards for users while they benefit from the health and wellbeing improvements brought on by the SitYEA app. Each NFT is a unique artwork and a digital representation of yourself. Owning an NFT will enable you to collect and spend points via the blockchain - transparent and secure.
GenZ Collection: Blockchain SUI Network / Supply: 5555 / Mint date: 2023 May

NFT Traits:

  • Background - A light, gentle palette for backgrounds allows the foreground to 'pop' better, drawing the eye to the foreground. The softer colour choice plays on the non-adversarial nature of SitYEA and its users as we collaborate together.
  • Chair - A chair says a lot about our potential well-being. Each chair evokes themes that range from neo-gothic to soft 1970s-era plush. The shape of the chair frames and supports the central figure.
  • Body - The width of shoulders and general proportions of each body captures the majority of shapes while keeping to an aesthetically pleasing style.
  • Head - Each head bears its own emotional state, texture, and hairstyle. The styling at the top of the head includes hats and crowns creating looks from the surreal to the lavishly exotic.
  • Smile - From smirks to grins, frowns to grimaces, each head features a large range of expressions to capture the quirks of the avatar. The emotional states are exaggerated in comic style making them easier to perceive.
  • Eyes - Eyes are the most expressive part of a face and strongly determine the final appearance of a portrait. The team opted for a large variety of eyes and related apparel to provide a deeper range of matched emotions.
  • Clothes - Chosen from a wide variety of fashions and styles, clothes feature everything from regal ermine cloaks to everyday turtleneck sweaters and even puff jackets. Find a style that matches you best!

NFT Utility:

  • Have a dope PFP & be part of a healthy community
  • Earn tokens for sitting
  • Spend tokens for benefits (like Sweatcoin)
  • Access to NFT staking