About SitYEA

Improving health and well-being of computer users

We’re on a mission to become a leading health and wellness app for daily computer users!

There are numerous apps for walking, jogging, or even sleeping, but we're here to tackle a new, growing healthcare threat that has become more noticeable as sedentary lifestyles become more common - sitting!
⚠️ 70% of office workers around the world spend >5 hrs/day sitting at computers (source).
⚠️ 70M people in China experience back pain (source).
⚠️ $134 billion spent on healthcare for back-related problems in US (source).
We have developed an AI that analyzes posture through a webcam, and provides notifications to sit correctly and take proper breaks which will help avoid serious long-term health issues. SitYEA also uses Crypto wallet integration, tokens, and NFTs to create an incentive-based reward system.
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